Welcome to Liverpool Ganesh Temple

Please call 07534444468 before your visit.

The temple open during Kanda Shasti from 9 am. till 9 pm.

18-10-2017 Wednesday DEEPAVALI CELEBRATION

Morning 12:00 noon     Special  Pooja and Annadhanam       

Sponsors welcome.

Evening 6:00 pm      Special Abhishekam followed by  Pooja  and Annadhanam   

Sponsor: Thiru Sathakaran Family

 Fireworks display will be on Deepavali.

19-10-2017 : Thursday: Kethara Gowri Viratham

 Kethara Gowri Viratham gets completed on this day with the ‘Kaappu’ tying ceremony. Special Abisheka Pooja will be conducted from 6.00 PM on this day followed by ‘Kaappu’ tying ceremony. Pirasatham will be served to devotees.

 விரத பூர்த்திநாளில் எம்பெருமானுக்கு விஷேச  பூசையும் அதனைத்தொடர்ந்து விரதம்பூண்ட அடியார்களுக்கு காப்புவழங்கலும் இம்முறையும் வெகுசிறப்பாக நடைபெற எம்பெருமான் அருள் கூடியுள்ளது.

Every day during Kanda Shasti 20 oct 2017 to 27 oct 2017

6 pm – Abishekam for Lord Murugan

6:30 pm :Kanda Shasti

7 pm: Moolasthana Pooja

Those who wish to enlist your names for the Kanda shasti Abishekam, Pooja and/or sponsor Annadhanam Materials,

please give us a call at 07534444468 and be blessed by * Sree Murugan*.

Kandha Shasti Sponsored by
20/10/2017 Friday Day 1 Mr Raveendran family
21/10/2017 Sat – Day 2  
22/10/2017 Sun – Day 3  
23/10/2017 Mon – Day 4  
24/10/2017 Tues – Day 5  
25/10/2017 Wed- Soora Samharam  Mr Jeyanathan family
26/10/2017 Thurs – Thirukalyanam Mr Kandhanathan family
27/10/2017 Fri – Thiru Unjal Ursavam  Mr Nesaraja Samithambi family

 please call  viji 0753 4444468 / Suresh 07812013198

for visiting temple, Panjangam dates, Jathagam and home visits such as graha pravesam, punyahavachanam, ayushu homam, marriage, age attend ceremony( pooppunitha neerattu vila),, thudakku ( purification) etc.

Every Friday
Abishekam – 6:45 pm

Pooja – 7:30 pm

Annadhanam – 8:15 pm

Sri Vishnu Sagasranamam Chanting

Every First Saturday each month.

All devotees are invited to participate in the chanting and get the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Those who wish to enlist your names for the Abishekam, Pooja and/or sponsor Annadhanam Materials, please give us a call at 07534444468 / 01515467611.

Upcoming Festivals

Puratasi Sani 3                          07/10/2017              Saturday

Puratasi Sani 4                          14/10/2017              Saturday

 Diwali                                          18/10/2017               wednesday

Kethara Gowri Viratham      19/10/2017              thursday

Winter time change                 28/10/2017              Saturday

All devotees are welcome to participate and get blessings of all the Gods.

உபயதாரர்கள் வரவேற்கப்படுகிறார்கள்
We also welcome Devotees to donate rice, Vegetables and food for the Lord.


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  ~~ மேன்மைகொள் சைவநீதி விளங்குக உலகமெல்லாம்|| நன்றி.