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House Warming Ceronomy

Maha Ganapathy pooja @ Homam

Ganapathy Homam bestows a person to get rid from all types of difficulties for living a trouble free life.
Anyone who wants to get spiritual knowledge & wisdom can choose this Homam for leading a balanced life.

Navagraha Shanthi & Homam

The Navagraha are the nine planets which are the Lords of Karma and have sway over our lives. Each planet alternates in guiding and governing our lives in accordance with our previous Karmas.

Negative influences in a person’s birth-chart then this ceremony is also done in order to  ameliorate the influences and empower the native.

Homam which offerings are made into the consecrated fire.

Luxmi Pooja @Homam

Lakshmi is thus worshiped in order to invoke Divine Grace or to guide us in the obtaining as well as proper use of resources and wealth

Ayush Homam

Ayush Homam is for worshiping the God and Goddess of Long and good health life specially for children.

The child blessed with Ayushman or Ayushmathi.

Vasthu Shanthi

A Vedic ceremony done in order to clear  any imbalance of energy in the home or office space. This is the traditional and appropriate ceremony to perform when entering into a new place.

Bhoomi Pooja

In this ceremony we are asking the forgiveness of mother earth for the violence that is about to be done to her on our instigation for the building of the house. We are also requesting the forgiveness for disturbing the habitat of innumerable creatures living on the land

Miruthyunjaya Homam

Miruthyunjaya is an aspect of Lord Shiva and is invoked for prolongation of life and health

Kushmanda Homam

This ceremony which consists of making offerings of ghee into the consecrated fire is primarily done by a  person wishing to cleanse himself of a sin he or she may have wittingly or unwittingly committed.

Avahanti Homam

Avahanti homan is a ritualistic fire meditation done to receive all dimensions of wealth along with the intelligence to create more wealth and sustain the created wealth. Holistic wealth can be achieved by offering this homan.

Sudharshana Homam

A fire ritual which is done to achieve empowerment and protection

Sudarshana is one of the ’wrathful’ deities and is invoked along with Narasimha for protecting the spiritual aspirant from all negative forces that may be at work disturbing their lives and their Dharma practice.

Hayagriva Pooja

Hayagrivar is the Hindu/Buddhist deity of knowledge and skill

Dhanvandri pooja

Blessings and grace of  Lord Dhanvantari — an aspect of Lord Vishnu which presides over longevity and health.

Sathya Narayana Pooja

The principle deities are Vishnu & Lakshmi and the purpose of the ceremony is thanksgiving.

New Shop Pooja


Nama Karna pooja.

Anna prasannam

Ruthu Shanthi

Sathabishegam Pooja and Homam

All Punyavajanam

We help and undertake all types of poojas and homams included marriages either in the temple, your home, work place or function Halls.